Stichting Caucasus Foundation       International Center for Culture and Science

Georgian-Iranian Cultural Platform

Project Initiator – Stichting Caucasus Foundation (SCF) – International Bearou for Caucasian International Projects (IBCCP) The Netherlands-Georgia

Project Partners: Georgian Regional Theaters Network (GRTN), (UNESCO ITI Georgian National Center)

Idea: Dr. Levan Khetaguri – Secretary General of UNESCO ITI Georgian National Centre  and GRTN

Host: Poti Regional Theatre International Festival


Georgian-Iranian relations exist through the centuries, unfortunately we count find a modern structure- institution, which will support intensive relations of artistic relations, its why we decided to create cultural platform, which will support and promote contemporary forms of cultural relations between two countries.

This year in the frame of platform we would like to organized first meeting in July, were we bring to your attention performing arts, when during few days will be meetings and intensive discussions:

-         co-productions

-         exchanges between theatres and performances

-         joint educational and creative programs for students and profesors

-         academic research

-         exchange in cultural management

In future platform will consider different forms of arts and culture through creative educational and academic issues.