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Every year SCF was planed and IBCCP realized over 20 different regional and international projects. During recent years the activity of SCF was supported by over 10 countries and over 20 different international institutions between them Council of Europe and UNESCO.


The team of SCF and IBCCP are experienced managers in the field of culture with practical knowledge of culture and professional links worldwide.


Every year over 200 students and young professionals participate in the educational programmes of SCF.


Over thousands and thousands of citizens in the Caucasus are the target group of the programmes of SCF and IBCCP.


General information about training courses

Caucasus University


Since 1998 annually in the frame of Caucasus University (established 1998) was organized several different training courses, workshops and master-classes, where participated over then 800 students from 10 different European counties, Caucasian region and Asia. They were trained in management, sponsorship, distribution, touring, an impresario skills, international co-operation, stage directing, photography etc.


This year The Caucasus University's Training Program plan to run a series of more specialized courses:


"Cultural Leadership"             by Prof. Dr.Giep Hagoort (The Netherlands)

Dates: 2.3.4 of May, 2005


"Event Management"             by Roger McCann (UK)

Dates: 5,6,7,8 of May, 2005


"Getting Message Across"       by Roger McCann (UK)

Dates: 10,11,12 of May, 2005


"Sponsorship and Fundraising in the Arts"    by Roger McCann (UK)

Dates: 14,15,16 of May, 2005

These courses try to serve the growing need to understand, and often change, organizational culture in Arts institutions, help to solve sponsorship problems, give marketing and business planning skills and possibility to be involved in international co-operation in the Arts. The mane goals is to developed professional skills of young and up coming managers in the field of Arts and stimulate networking between the participants who will come from different countries.


The Training Program will use techniques to improve planning, fundraising and image-making skills, try to show the links between clarity of purpose and how this can be communicated to the outside world, giving greater confidence in working ahead, approaching and talking to founders or business. The international group of participants will stimulate the process of networking and planning of further co-operation.

All participants will get case study and other useful materials.


During the evening will be proposed social and cultural program.


Deadline for application: 15 of April, 2005


Contact address: Caucasus University

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