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Europe of Citizens, Future of Europe

Europe of Citizens, Future of Europe, ASfE workshop organized by SCF with support of Adenauer Foundation

in partnership with National Youth Palace

11-15 October

This October, National Youth and Children's Palace is hosting "A Soul for Europe"
How to build a common European public space and foster a sense of responsibility for the future of Europe? Stichting Caucasus Foundation, members of the "A Soul for Europe" initiative and the National Youth and Children's Palace will organize workshops for Georgian students and representatives of civil society. The workshop is targeted at the young generation of Georgia having different ethnic backgrounds and will discuss topics concerning the European crisis, the expectations of young people from European institutions and platforms as well as their own ideas when it comes to the future of the EU and their city in 20 years. The results of the workshop will be presented to a representative from the local authorities during a public event. We are excited that the identified topics will be elaborated in a panel at the annual "A Soul for Europe" Conference 2017 in Berlin.
Project is organized with the general support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Tbilisi.


Forum Tblissi "Future of Citizens - Future of Europe"

11-15 October 2017, organized by Stichting Caucasus Foundation /In the frame of 20th anniversary of Foundation/ in partnership with Youth National Palace, results will be presented at the A Soul for Europe Conference 2017 in Berlin. Thanks to the generous support of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Tblissi.

Main topics of the workshop:

A Soul for Europe

Think - Imagine - Act - Workshop for young people in Georgia (draft concept)

Thinking of Georgia/Europe -What is the most European moment of your life you can think of?


Imagining Georgia & Europe -a) Imagine Georgian society/your city in 20 years if relations with EU will improve / b) Imagine Georgian society/your city in 20 years if EU does not exist anymore

How the initiative A Soul for Europe and its bottom-up-approach can help to encourage Georgian citizens to be more active for Europe

What should (local/national/European) politicians do to improve our Georgian society? What can I do individually or in a group (as a citizen) to improve my society?

How ASfE could work with the proposals of participants (i.e. social media, handing them over to politicians/decision makers, article/blog entry about wishes and imaginations) What are the most important policy recommendation & ideas for activism?

How to take action with A Soul for Europe and how you can act being a young citizen in Tbilisi

In Tbilisi 60 young Georgians imagined the future and discussed how they can shape their country as citizens.

Workshop experts:

Steve Austen: For me, as one of the earliest adapters of SCF activities in Georgia, I can see the enormous (positive) changes that have taken place in the knowledge, comparative thinking and originality of ideas that are common nowadays in the invited generation.

Many thanks to SCF that has an impressive track record in this field.

The support of Adenauer Foundation was essential for the great success of this encounter with the future decision making class of Georgia.

Andreas Bock: It can be concluded that at least among young, educated Georgians from urban areas there is a strong desire for living in a society that is based on democratic structures, universal values and the rule of law. During the workshop these aspects have been attributed exclusively to the West and more specifically to the European Union.

Dr. Levan Khetaguri: We think that will be important to find the ways to enlarge such workshops out from Tbilisi to other locations and cities as well in other Caucasian countries like Armenia and Azerbaijan.